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This cheat sheet – or HTML code quick reference – lists the common HTML tags and their attributes, grouped into relevant sections in an easy-to-read format.

What is html? What are tags? – Perhaps check out where to start or what is html first 🙂

Basic HTML Structure 
  <title>website title</title>
  content of website ...

Common Tags for Blogs 
<h?> heading </h?>Heading (h1 for largest to h6 for smallest)
<p> paragraph </p>Paragraph of Text
<b> bold </b>Make text between tags bold
<i> italic </i>Make text between tags italic
<a href=”url“> link name </a>Create a link to another page or website
<div> … </div>Divide up page content into sections, and applying styles
<img src=”filename.jpg“>Show an image
<ul> <li> list </li> </ul>Unordered, bullet-point list
<br>Line Break (force a new line)
<span style=”color:red”> red </span>Use CSS style to change text colour
Text Formatting 
<h?> … </h?>Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)
<b> … </b>Bold Text
<i> … </i>Italic Text
<u> … </u>Underline Text
<strike> … </strike>Strikeout
<sup> … </sup>Superscript – Smaller text placed below normal text
<sub> … </sub>Subscript – Smaller text placed below normal text
<small> … </small>Small – Fineprint size text
<tt> … </tt>Typewriter Text
<pre> … </pre>Pre-formatted Text
<blockquote> … </blockquote>Text Block Quote
<strong> … </strong>Strong – Shown as Bold in most browsers
<em> … </em>Emphasis – Shown as Italics in most browsers
<font> … </font>Font tag obsolete, use CSS(*)
Section Divisions 
<div> … </div>Division or Section of Page Content
<span> … </span>Section of text within other content
<p> … </p>Paragraph of Text
<br>Line Break
<hr>Basic Horizontal Line
<hr> Tag Attributes: 
size=”?”Line Thickness in pixels
width=”?”Line Width in pixels
width=”??%”Line Width as a percentage
color=”#??????”Line Colour (*)
align=”?”Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)
noshadeNo 3D cut-out
<nobr> … </nobr>Line Break
<img src=”url” alt=”text“>Basic Image
<img> Tag Attributes: 
src=”urlURL or filename of image (required!)
alt=”textAlternate Text (required!)
align=”?”Image alignment within surrounding text (*)
width=”??”Image width (in pixels or %)
height=”??”Image height (in pixels or %)
border=”??”Border thickness (in pixels) (*)
vspace=”??”Space above and below image (in pixels) (*)
hspace=”??”Space on either side of image (in pixels) (*)
Linking Tags 
<a href=”url“> link text </a>Basic Link
<a> Tag Attributes: 
href=”urlLocation (url) of page to link to.
name=”??”Name of link (name of anchor, or name of bookmark)
target=”?”Link target location: _self, _blank, _, _parent.
href=”url#bookmarkLink to a bookmark (defined with name attribute).
href=”mailto:emailLink which initiates an email (dependant on user’s email client).
<ol> … </ol>Ordered List
<ul> … </ul>Un-ordered List
<li> … </li>List Item (within ordered or unordered)
<ol type=”?“>Ordered list type: A, a, I, i, 1
<ol start=”??”>Ordered list starting value
<ul type=”?“>Unordered list bullet type: disc, circle, square
<li value=”??”>List Item Value (changes current and subsequent items)
<li type=”??”>List Item Type (changes only current item)
<dl> … </dl>Definition List
<dt> … </dt>Term or phrase being defined
<dd> … </dd>Detailed Definition of term
<table> … </table>Define a Table
<table> Tag Attributes: 
border=”?”Thickness of outside border
bordercolor=”#??????”Border Colour
cellspacing=”?”Space between cells (pixels)
cellpadding=”?”Space between cell wall and content
align=”??”Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)
bgcolor=”#??????”Background Colour (*)
width=”??”Table Width (pixels or %) (*)
height=”??”Table Height (pixels or %) (*)
<tr> … </tr>Table Row within table
<th> … </th>Header Cell within table row
<td> … </td>Table Cell within table row
<td> Tag Attributes: 
colspan=”?”Number of columns the cell spans across (cell merge)
rowspan=”?”Number of row a cell spans across (cell merge)
width=”??”Cell Width (pixels or %) (*)
height=”??”Cell Height (pixels or %) (*)
bgcolor=”#??????”Background Colour (*)
align=”??”Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)
valign=”??”Vertical Alignment: , middle, bottom (*)
nowrapForce no line breaks in a particular cell
<frameset> … </frameset>Define the set of Frames
<frameset> Tag Attributes: 
rows=”??,??, …”Define row sizes & number of rows (size in pixels or %)
cols=”??,??, …”Define column sizes & number of columns (size in pixels or %)
noresize=”noresize”User cannot resize any frames in frameset
<frame> … </frame>Define a frame within the frameset
<frame> Tag Attributes: 
src=”url”Location of HTML File for a frame
name=”***”Unique name of frame window
marginwidth=”?”Horizontal margin spacing inside frame (pixels)
marginheight=”?”Vertical margin spacing inside frame (pixels)
noresize=”noresize”Declare all frameset sizes as fixed
scrolling=”***”Can the user scroll inside the frame: yes, no, auto
frameborder=”?”Frame Border: (1=yes, 2=no)
bordercolor=”#??????”Border Colour (*)
<noframes> … </noframes>Unframed content (for browsers not supporting frames)
<form> … </form>Form input group decleration
<form> Tag Attributes: 
action=”url”URL of Form Script
method=”***”Method of Form: get, post
enctype=”***”For File Upload: enctype="multipart/form-data"
<input> … </input>Input field within form
<input> Tag Attributes: 
type=”***”Input Field Type: text, password, checkbox, submit etc.
name=”***”Form Field Name (for form processing script)
value=”***”Value of Input Field
size=”***”Field Size
maxlength=”?”Maximum Length of Input Field Data
checkedMark selected field in radio button group or checkbox
<select> … </select>Select options from drop down list
<select> Tag Attributes: 
name=”***”Drop Down Combo-Box Name (for form processing script)
size=”?”Number of selectable options
multipleAllow multiple selections
<option> … </option>Option (item) within drop down list
<option> Tag Attributes: 
value=”***”Option Value
selectedSet option as default selected option
<textarea> … </textarea>Large area for text input
<textarea> Tag Attributes: 
name=”***”Text Area Name (for form processing script)
rows=”?”Number of rows of text shown
cols=”?”Number of columns (characters per rows)
wrap=”***”Word Wrapping: off, hard, soft
Special Characters 
&lt;< – Less-Than Symbol
&gt;> – Greater-Than Symbol
&amp;& – Ampersand, or ‘and’ sign
&quot; – Quotation Mark
&copy;© – Copyright Symbol
&trade; – Trademark Symbol
&nbsp; – A space (non-breaking space)
&#??;ISO 8859-1 character – replace ?? with the iso code
Miscellaneous Tags 
<!– … –>Comment within HTML source code
<!DOCTYPE html … >Document Type Definition (wiki)
<meta> … </meta>META information tag
<meta> Tag Attributes: 
name=”***”Meta name: description, keywords, author
http-equiv=”***”HTTP Equivalent Info: title, etc.
content=”***”Information content
<link>LINK content relationship tag
<link> Tag Attributes: 
rel=”***”Type of forward relationship
http=”urlLocation (URL) of object or file being linked
type=”***”Type of object or file, eg: text/css
title=”***”Link title (optional)
Body Background & Colours 
<body> Tag Attributes: 
background=”urlBackground Image (*)
bgcolor=”#??????”Background Colour (*)
text=”#??????”Document Text Colour (*)
link=”#??????”Link Colour (*)
vlink=”#??????”Visited Link Colour (*)
alink=”#??????”Active Link Colour (*)
bgproperties=”fixed”Background Properties – “Fixed” = non-scrolling watermark (*)
leftmargin=”?”Side Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)
margin=”?”Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)

(*) Important Note:

Tags marked with (*) should still work, but have been superseded by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is now the recommended way to change the font, colour, spacing, border or alignment of HTML elements.