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tmux is a terminal multiplexer for Unix-like operating systems. It allows multiple terminal sessions to be accessed simultaneously in a single window. It is useful for running more than one command-line program at the same time.


$ tmux

$ tmux new

$ tmux new-session

: new

Start a new session

$ tmux new -s mysession

: new -s mysession

Start a new session with the name mysession

$ tmux kill-ses -t mysession

$ tmux kill-session -t mysession

kill/delete session mysession

$ tmux kill-session -a

kill/delete all sessions but the current

$ tmux kill-session -a -t mysession

kill/delete all sessions but mysession

Ctrl + b $

Rename session

Ctrl + b d

Detach from session

: attach -d

Detach others on the session (Maximize window by detach other clients)

$ tmux ls

$ tmux list-sessions

Ctrl + b s

Show all sessions

$ tmux a

$ tmux at

$ tmux attach

$ tmux attach-session

Attach to last session

$ tmux a -t mysession

$ tmux at -t mysession

$ tmux attach -t mysession

$ tmux attach-session -t mysession

Attach to a session with the name mysession

Ctrl + b (

Move to previous session

Ctrl + b )

Move to next session


$ tmux new -s mysession -n mywindow

start a new session with the name mysession and window mywindow

Ctrl + b c

Create window

Ctrl + b ,

Rename current window

Ctrl + b &

Close current window

Ctrl + b p

Previous window

Ctrl + b n

Next window

Ctrl + b 0 … 9

Switch/select window by number

: swap-window -s 2 -t 1

Reorder window, swap window number 2(src) and 1(dst)

: swap-window -t -1

Move current window to the left by one position


Ctrl + b ;

Toggle last active pane

Ctrl + b %

Split pane vertically

Ctrl + b “

Split pane horizontally

Ctrl + b {

Move the current pane left

Ctrl + b }

Move the current pane right

Ctrl + b 

Ctrl + b 

Ctrl + b 

Ctrl + b 

Switch to pane to the direction

: setw synchronize-panes

Toggle synchronize-panes(send command to all panes)

Ctrl + b Spacebar

Toggle between pane layouts

Ctrl + b o

Switch to next pane

Ctrl + b q

Show pane numbers

Ctrl + b q 0 … 9

Switch/select pane by number

Ctrl + b z

Toggle pane zoom

Ctrl + b !

Convert pane into a window

Ctrl + b + 

Ctrl + b Ctrl + 

Ctrl + b + 

Ctrl + b Ctrl + 

Resize current pane height(holding second key is optional)

Ctrl + b + 

Ctrl + b Ctrl + 

Ctrl + b + 

Ctrl + b Ctrl + 

Resize current pane width(holding second key is optional)

Ctrl + b x

Close current pane

Copy Mode

: setw -g mode-keys vi

use vi keys in buffer

Ctrl + b [

Enter copy mode

Ctrl + b PgUp

Enter copy mode and scroll one page up


Quit mode


Go to top line


Go to bottom line

Scroll up

Scroll down


Move cursor left


Move cursor down


Move cursor up


Move cursor right


Move cursor forward one word at a time


Move cursor backward one word at a time


Search forward


Search backward


Next keyword occurance


Previous keyword occurance


Start selection


Clear selection


Copy selection

Ctrl + b ]

Paste contents of buffer_0

: show-buffer

display buffer_0 contents

: capture-pane

copy entire visible contents of pane to a buffer

: list-buffers

Show all buffers

: choose-buffer

Show all buffers and paste selected

: save-buffer buf.txt

Save buffer contents to buf.txt

: delete-buffer -b 1

delete buffer_1


Ctrl + b :

Enter command mode

: set -g OPTION

Set OPTION for all sessions

: setw -g OPTION

Set OPTION for all windows


$ tmux info

Show every session, window, pane, etc…

Ctrl + b ?

Show shortcuts