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HTML Character Entities

!!Exclam­ation mark
Quotation mark
$$Dollar sign
%%Percent sign
((Left bracket
))Right bracket
//Forward Slash
<Less than
>Greater than
??Question mark
@@“­At” symbol
AAUpper case A
BBUpper case B
CCUpper case C
DDUpper case D
EEUpper case E
FFUpper case F
GGUpper case G
HHUpper case H
IIUpper case I
JJUpper case J
KKUpper case K
LLUpper case L
MMUpper case M
NNUpper case N
OOUpper case O
PPUpper case P
QQUpper case Q
RRUpper case R
SSUpper case S
TTUpper case T
UUUpper case U
VVUpper case V
WWUpper case W
XXUpper case X
YYUpper case Y
ZZUpper case Z
[[Left square bracket
]]Right square bracket
``Single quote / backtick
aaLower case a
bbLower case b
ccLower case c
ddLower case d
eeLower case e
ffLower case f
ggLower case g
hhLower case h
iiLower case i
jjLower case j
kkLower case k
llLower case l
mmLower case m
nnLower case n
ooLower case o
ppLower case p
qqLower case q
rrLower case r
ssLower case s
ttLower case t
uuLower case u
vvLower case v
wwLower case w
xxLower case x
yyLower case y
zzLower case z
{{Left curly brace
}}Right curly brace
  Non-br­eaking space
¡¡Inverted exclam­ation mark
¢¢Cent symbol
££Pound symbol
¤¤Currency symbol
¥¥Yen symbol
¦¦Broken pipe
§§Section symbol
ªªFeminine ordinal
««Double­-left arrow
¬¬“­Not­” symbol
­ Soft hyphen
°°Degree symbol
±±Plus or minus
´´Acute accent
µµMicro symbol
Paragraph symbol
··Middle dot
¹¹Supers­cript 1
ººMasculine ordinal
»»Double­-right arrow
¼¼One quarter
½½One half
¾¾Three quarters
¿¿Inverted question mark
ÀÀA with grave
ÁÁA with acute
ÂÂA with circumflex
ÃÃA with tilde
ÄÄA with umlaut
ÅÅA with ring
ÇÇC with cedilla
ÈÈE with grave
ÉÉE with acute
ÊÊE with circumflex
ËËE with umlaut
ÌÌI with grave
ÍÍI with acute
ÎÎI with circumflex
ÏÏI with umlaut
ÑÑN with tilde
ÒÒO with grave
ÓÓO with acute
ÔÔO with circumflex
ÕÕO with tilde
ÖÖO with umlaut
××Multiply symbol
ØØO with slash
ÙÙU with grave
ÚÚU with acute
ÛÛU with circumflex
ÜÜU with umlaut
ÝÝY with acute
ßßSharp S
ààa with grave
ááa with acute
ââa with circumflex
ããa with tilde
ääa with umlaut
ååa with ring
ççc with cedilla
èèe with grave
éée with acute
êêe with circumflex
ëëe with umlaut
ììi with grave
ííi with acute
îîi with circumflex
ïïi with umlaut
ññn with tilde
òòo with grave
óóo with acute
ôôo with circumflex
õõo with tilde
ööo with umlaut
÷÷Divide symbol
øøo with slash
ùùu with grave
úúu with acute
ûûu with circumflex
üüu with umlaut
ýýy with acute
ÿÿy with umlaut