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Metasploit: Penetration Testing Framework
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Accessing Metasploit Console

To run MSFconsole on Linux, open a terminal and enter the command ‘msfconsole’:

 $ msfconsole

However, if this is first time you are accessing the console, you may see an error indicating that you are missing some gems. To fix this error, run bundle install to grab those gems.

To run bundle install, simply type:

 $ bundle install

After you run bundle install, you can try to launch the console again by retyping ./msfconsole.

If you’re a Windows user, launching MSFconsole is really easy. Go to the Start menu and choose All Programs > Metasploit > Framework > Metasploit Console.

If you prefer to run the console from the command line, open a terminal and run the following commands:

$ cd /metasploit
$ console.bat

Getting Help for MSFconsole Commands

To view help while you are in the console, use the following commands:

  • Type help to display a list of valid commands for the current mode. While you are in the main mode, the system displays help for the global commands that are available. When you are in the module mode, the system displays the help for the commands and options that are available for the module.
  • Type info <module name> to view the options for a module.