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Kubernetes Cluster Interactive Architecture Diagram

Click on the + sign in the diagram below to learn about a particular component.

What is Kubernetes used for?

Kubernetes keeps track of your container applications that are deployed into the cloud. It restarts orphaned containers, shuts down containers when they’re not being used, and automatically provisions resources like memory, storage, and CPU when necessary.

How does Kubernetes work with Docker?

Actually, Kubernetes supports several base container engines, and Docker is just one of them. The two technologies work great together, since Docker containers are an efficient way to distribute packaged applications, and Kubernetes is designed to coordinate and schedule those applications.

How do I use Kubernetes?

If you’re interested in trying Kubernetes out, you can install Minikube as a local testing environment. When you’re ready to try Kubernetes out for real, you’ll use kubectl to deploy your application managed by Kubernetes.

See the following to setup Kubernetes in your Laptop on VirtualBox.


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