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EyeWitness is an open-source tool that is used to take screenshots of the website RDP services, and open VNC servers, provide some server header info and identify default credentials if known.

Increasing Need For Cybersecurity Professionals

There is a significant increase in cybersecurity requirements with the exponential growth of job postings over 94% in just seven years. As opposed to this surge, other IT jobs have just grown over 30% in general. So, that leaves a 300% increase in the demand encompassing all IT job profiles. Cybersecurity happens to account for about 13% of all IT jobs.

What is DNS? (“The Phonebook of Internet”) – Cheatsheet

DNS, or the Domain Name System, resolves human readable domain names (for example, http://www.hacksheets.in) to machine readable IP addresses (for example,

CyberSecurity Practice Labs

CyberSecurity Practice Labs – Get hands-on experience and advance your skills in cyber security using these practice labs.


Search for module: msf > search [regex] Specify an exploit to use: msf > use exploit/[ExploitPath] Specify a Payload to use: msf > set PAYLOAD [PayloadPath] Show options for the current modules: msf > show options Set options: msf > set [Option] [Value] Start exploit: msf > exploit