What is Docker?   Docker is a platform that simplifies software development, deployment, and management using containers.

Docker and LEGO

Both Docker and LEGO involve assembling small, modular pieces to create something bigger and more complex.

Docker Images

Similar to LEGO bricks, Docker images are the building blocks that make up a container.

Docker Containers

Containers are like LEGO structures built from the images, which run the software with all its dependencies.


A Dockerfile is similar to LEGO instructions. It defines the steps to build a Docker image.

Docker Hub

The Docker Hub is like a LEGO catalog, where you can find and share pre-built images.

Benefits of Docker

Docker offers portability, version control, and efficiency in software deployment.

Docker in Action

Docker simplifies the software development process, making it faster and more reliable.

Embrace Docker

Start using Docker and experience the benefits of containerization in your software development journey.

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